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 "I am very pleased with my decision to train with Anthony and I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my adult life!
Thank you, Anthony for challenging me on a weekly basis and for your dedication to your profession!
The results speaks volumes and the before and after picture will show these results!"


"I am SO much stronger than I was two years ago. My endurance has also improved tremendously. Thanks to Anthony, I feel extremely strong and confident in my ability to complete work outs that I couldn’t of imagined doing years ago!"



"Best training I have had bar none! If you want to transform your body and adopt a healthy, active lifestyle then you definitely need to speak with Anthony! It's been life changing for me!"


"Anthony is a great instructor and very passionate about seeing people become healthy and staying that way. He also lives what he teaches and keeps himself in very good shape. He works with you on your level, but motivates you to become better."



"I have worked out with Anthony as my trainer since 2014. He has helped me get into the best shape of my life and I was able to stay fit throughout 2 pregnancies. He helped me get my baby weight off too!"


"My personal training experience with Anthony has been outstanding. He has held me accountable with my workouts and even helped me tweak my diet plan. Anthony also helped me tweaks my workout routines around past injuries so I would not further injure myself. The workouts also catered to better mobility of the injured joints and led more strength in them."


"He always has great workouts. I like that he mixes up the workouts so it is not always the same thing. I feel stronger over the course of our workouts."

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